Learning the Music Business

I have written a positioning report on skills, Higher Education and the music business for UK Music, the industry’s ‘trade body of trade bodies’. It was published online yesterday and can now be accessed at the link below.

The report has been presented to all the members at Executive level at UK Music internally, as well as to their Skills Board. It feeds into the creation of their Music Academic Partnership (MAP), which seeks to join industry with academia in a number of new initiatives covering skills, teaching, research and educational policy. It is also being circulated amongst academics working in this and related areas. The MAP is intended as a springboard to build the conversation between the sectors in the coming months and years, which I’m looking forward to engaging with.

Learning the Music Business: Evaluating the ‘vocational turn’ in music industry education

Toby Bennett, King’s College, London


Download the full report and executive summary from UK Music’s website, here.