Teaching and Learning

I have co-developed and delivered on the following courses.

Media, Art & Culture, intensive four-week course, KCL Summer School, Jul-Aug 2014 & 2015

Cultural and academic exchange programme for 40+ undergraduate students from universities across Jiangsu province, China. This course was developed and delivered by myself and Simon Hewitt from scratch.

Daily 3-4 hour classes (lecture/seminar/workshop mix) introducing students to a range of scholarly debates in media and cultural activity. I delivered classes on: everyday culture; legacies of Enlightenment; mediation of identity; audio culture; media production and work; culture and digital tech; creative cities; localism and globalisation.

Guest lectures from established academics and cultural professionals, plus sympathetic field trips from third-party providers (e.g. exploring working life at the BBC, creative coding with Arduino, Shoreditch’s creative economy).

On completion, students have a good grasp of intellectual life and learning styles in the UK, have been introduced to qualitative research skills drawing on European/Chinese cross-comparisons, and are well-placed to identify topics for further research.


‘Very valuable […] I learned a lot of knowledge’;  ‘Challenging and full of fun and creative ideas’.’Very friendly and patient. […] amazing tutors!’

Thinking Creativity, interdisciplinary undergraduate award, Spring 2014, 2015, 2016

Extra-curricular interdisciplinary module for undergraduates from all schools at KCL. This ten-week course was developed and delivered by a team of five doctoral candidates in the CMCI department, including myself. It was pitched to, approved and validated by King’s Teaching Committee in 2013. Student retainment was strong and and interest doubled each year.

Drawing on a range of research specialisms, classes interrogated the contested concept of ‘creativity’ in different contexts. I delivered classes on ‘origin and originality’ (creation myths and authorship); and ‘creative labour’, combining  theoretical debates in this area with presentations and Q&A from creative professionals (e.g. music publishing, film commissioning, journalism).

Rather than essay-form assessment, students are asked to respond to the intellectual content of the course through their own creative practice (artwork, performance, etc) and short reflections.

‘[Gained] critical thinking in a non scientific area’; ‘guest speakers helped to give direction in terms of jobs’; ‘I feel more flexible in combining areas of study […] I might be more confident in taking unconventional approaches in the future’; ‘I have gained knowledge of several creative theories’; ‘As a programmer, I would use more ‘creative’ (original) approaches to develop software.’

See testimonials here and here.

I have been a Teaching Assistant on the following:

Arts & Management, introductory module, MA Arts and Cultural Management, Autumn 2014
Research Approaches, qualitative research methods, MA Cultural and Creative Industries, Spring 2014

And I have contributed to the following:

Pitfalls & Pleasures of Researching Workplaces Colloquium, KCL, 2015: invited panellist
“Creatives”: Working in the Cultural Industries, KCL MA module, 2015: guest lecture, titled ‘Creating Value, Valuing Creativity’
Methodology Workshops for students of Language, Media and Culture, KCL Doctoral Training Centre, 2013-2014


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