Commercial Practice


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Universal Music Licensing

Starting as a lowly administrator, I slowly built experience across all areas of this important part of the record business, facilitating and negotiating between an array of stakeholders (artists & managers, product managers, marketing, finance, legal/BA, third party companies). Over this period I worked across all areas of catalogue (compilations, heritage acts, album reissues, anniversary campaigns) and frontline TV-advertised brands; international and UK releases; internal repertoire control for external reissue labels. I was trained intensively in commercial negotiations, took a secondment period in the International digital team (account management, online infringement, eCRM) and consulted on upgrading their global repertoire and clearance systems. The bit I probably got the most out of was managing junior team members.

I left at end 2012 to do my PhD but returned  in summer/autumn 2013 as a temp and ethnographer.

Bucks Music Group Archives

Bucks Music needed to prepare their physical archive for digitisation in line with their site move to Camden. I was happy to assist with parsing their licence agreements for audit purposes and checking and cataloguing their master tapes in their extensive production music library (predominantly Standard Music and Granada TV) for metadata capture.


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