Professional Profile

As an early-career academic, I mainly do research and teaching in a university context. I have produced and contributed to reports for a range of industry, university and consultancy purposes. In line with my music industry background, I’m also interested in working with practitioners and businesses in the cultural and creative sector (including the grunt-work!), where I have the time and inclination.

A selection of my research, teaching and other professional activity can be found below:


My thematic research and teaching specialisms centre on:

  • music/creative industries (current and historical forms);
  • work, management and organisation in ‘creative’- and ‘knowledge’-intensive contexts;
  • social implications of digital media;
  • social/critical theory and continental philosophy pertaining to issues of art, culture, media and technology.

More broadly, I have taught the following at introductory levels (4-7):

  • contemporary formations of media and cultural studies, with a particular focus on relations of theory and practice;
  • transformations of work (digitisation, precarity, global divisions of labour…);
  • cultural policy/political economy in an international context;
  • qualitative research methods.

For more information, contact me via email or social media.


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