A list of reference points for the Music and Sound at Work CFP.


Key Bibliography

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Listening and Watching

Mikhail Karikis – Work Quartet (2014)

Seeburg 1000 Background Music – Streaming Internet Radio

Work Songs – Various albums from Smithsonian Folkways

Wake Up Dead Man: Black Convict Worksongs from Texas Prisons’ (Rounder Records)


Around the web

Rhythms of Labour – About the Book (see above) and CD, including videos

Blogs and articles


Corporate Sites

IBM – Chronology of the Company’s Musical History and Songbook

Mood: (experiential marketing from the company formerly known as Muzak)

MusicWorks – PPL/PRS site for research that ‘demonstrate[s] the positive effects of music and the benefits it can bring to businesses’.


Further Reading

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