Music at Work

This is a project and a set of pages exploring intersections between a) the role of music and sound in social formations and b) the changing nature of work.

I’m interested in music ‘at work’ in two senses:

the role of music as backdrop in the various spaces and places of work, as existing configurations undergo transformation and as new forms and spaces of work enter into common use;

music that could itself be said to be working and creating economic value either through increasingly inventive affective associations that extend the influence of products and services (in branding or synchronisation, for example), or by acting on minds and bodies to generate more productive working or consuming subjects (e.g. in retail environments).

A draft paper along these lines can be accessed here.

Sometimes I tweet along these lines using the hashtag #musicatwork.



    1. Thanks for this Marek. Your writing, alone and with others, is a major source of influence for this strand of thought I – along with Paul Rekret, whose radio show I note is linked on the Facebook page – am currently mining. The service work project looks like a useful direction, I’ll be interested to see how it pans out.


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